Ray’s Hell Burger

It’s 2012! We woke up amped, ready for a new year, new possibilities, new adventures….or ready for a day glued to the couch watching the House Hunters International marathon on HGTV. As we sat, watching the fourth episode in a row, we decided, WAIT, this is our year, time to do something completely out of character and different from the norm. So, after some deliberation on what to do, we decided we needed some food stat and a trip to Eastern Market in DC. We peeled ourselves off the couch, called our friend Carli to come along, and hit the road.

First destination: Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington. We got there around 1:00 pm, and man, we weren’t the only ones. There was a long line full of New Years marathon celebrators that still hadn’t made it home, or to bed. Going to bed around 3am was enough to make me crave a huge burger, and this place was just the ticket.

Jan 1st, and warm enough to eat outside

Please note the fancy menu

I checked out the menu and quickly decided on the 10 oz Big Devil. Jk Jk, but really, sort of, I thought about it. Since I didn’t have any cash (Ray’s Hell only takes cash), and Carli had to spot me, I decided to go a little lighter, and cheaper, and get the Little Devil burger with a side of sweet potato fries. We all ordered, and then stood there, hunting for a place to sit.

Packed house

While we stood stalking for a table, we checked out the “Where in the world did you come from for Ray’s Hell Burger” You can’t see from the picture, but there are a billion push pins on that board from all over the world. Africa, China, South Dakota. Seems a little intense to come from Africa for a burger, so this place must be good. Also, please note the man below in the foreground- still wearing last night’s party suit, complete with red Hawaiian lei. He had a good old time on New Years Eve. Now he was enjoying a game of portable chess and a burger with his friend. Oh the life.

Oh man, look at these burgers. They did NOT disappoint. Delicious and fattening, my kind of food.

Hannah's burger

My burger

All in all, so worth it. Pretty cheap, pretty dang delicious, and something totally different that I’d never done before. On top if it I got to people watch some really hung over NYE partiers. I love a good people watching sesh. I can’t really ask for a better way to start off my 2012.

Stay tuned for an Eastern Market recap that won’t disappoint.



4 thoughts on “Ray’s Hell Burger

  1. Deena says:

    now I am craving a burger, fries and diet coke! Love that combo!

  2. […] This year of firsts is a perfect time to try out the many burger places around the area. Remember Ray’s Hell Burgers? Or the time Maria almost went to The Shake […]

  3. Michelle says:

    Okay ladies – I just tried Ray’s Hell Burger for the first time and loved it too. Thanks for your blog post. You forgot to mention though – the awesome horror movie posters. The first one closest to the door is the best. Check it out here: http://www.moviepostershop.com/chamber-of-horrors-movie-poster-1966

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