Eastern Market

First fact about me, I have lived in the DC area my whole life-minus the five years I was in college and grad school where I was in Harrisonburg, VA and Baltimore. I actually grew up in the house my dad grew up in. A true Northern Virginia Local-hard to come by-but this is truth. Despite this fact, I have never been to Eastern Market , until now.

An Empty Eastern Market

January 1 may not have been the perfect day for this…it was a little dead…but I got the idea. And the idea was pretty amazing. We cruised the strip and saw some local artists’ work. Something else about me, when I start talking to someone who is selling something(for this exact reason I avoid people working at stores), I WILL feel pressure to buy something. Eastern Market may not be a perfect place for me for this reason. I walked away with a map of the city. One that you hang.


There was a guy very eager to sell strawberries for $1-which confused me. Where was he getting said strawberries? Did they start to grow because of the warm weather? How can he afford to be selling those berries so cheap?  They were probably laced.

There is a flea market there too with some hilarious stuff and kettle corn. I love hilarious stuff and  kettle corn. If I had not just eaten a little devil, I probably would have made 2 purchases.  There were some sweet posters with weird stuff from long ago. But my personal favorite thing, has to be her:

Her hair and expression make this lady amazing.

That is really all from Eastern Market and all of the new things for this week. But don’t fret, we have some fairly riveting tales of other first time experiences for the rest of the week. Any good ideas for new things for week 2?



5 thoughts on “Eastern Market

  1. Bevin says:

    Hannah- I went to the Eastern Market for my first time, too, this past visit… and I also almost succumbed to that internal pressure of buying something… for me, it was a hand-knit sweater that a lady wore for about 30 years and then decided one day to sell.

    • nvrhaveievr says:

      Amazing Bevin. So amazing. I do like the map, but I knew as soon as I started talking to her that I had better find something that I like because there was no going back then. I have bought skirts that I don’t like at stores because I feel guilty. Bad trait. I want to see this sweater.

  2. Julie says:

    Hannah–sounds like 2012 will be packed with at minimum 52 cool new things. Not too shabby. You and Maria should check out this website: http://www.whatsoncity.net/activities/?cityID=1. It lists like 4 million things to do in DC on a calendar. One that struck my fancy was going to see the Supreme Court in action. Though it involves getting up super early in the AM and standing in line…neither of which are my favorite thing…still I may just do it. I hope you find some good adventures to be had on this site or around our fair city. I’ve been wanting to go to the US Mint….and Chincoteague…so much to do around here! You don’t have to look hard to find some cool adventures.

  3. […] everything looked so great, but because there was almost no one in there. I have mentioned this before, but I get anxious in buying situations and appease that anxiety by always buying. It is a complex […]

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