Speed, the real life version

Never had I ever left a car in drive for a whole drive from Duck, NC to Fairfax, VA until a while ago. Have you? Doesn’t sound that hard? Oh I beg to differ.

The beach is never actually this empty.

After working at a Young Life camp for a month, my friend Bridget and I went to the Outer Banks (maybe you remember these from a few years back) with some friends we had made during our month at camp. The week was great, so fun, filled with time on the beach, jobs on the chore chart and homemade hush puppies. But this story isn’t all rosy and it has to do with the celeb. You remember the celeb, right?

It was time for me and Bridget to head back home. She needed to get back to Texas and I was off for more vacation with my family in New Hampshire. We went out to the car, turned it on and nothing. Don’t fail me now celeb! After some basic tinkering, figuring that it wasn’t the battery we decided it was time to call in the experts. I called my parents to tell them I would not be making it in time to ride with them then called the tow truck.

Seto’s seemed like a normal enough place from the outside. And the catchy tag line, “We’ll haul your ass from Hatteras to Corolla” was a definite draw. The best thing by far about this place was that on the inside it seemed like a normal gas station. While in a conversation with the owner, Mr. Seto, I suppose, he yelled back to his old lady a door opened revealing their living room. It looked basically like this:

Classically sick living room

Mr. Seto told me that he couldn’t really fix my car. That it was a computer problem that would need to be fixed by the dealer, but he could get it started. Once it was started “DO NOT TAKE IT OUT OF DRIVE” he warned me. This brought up many questions, or just one. What about when I am getting gas? Don’t I need to turn it off? Turns out, you don’t. It is of course advised, but you can fill it up with your foot on the brake as long as you have someone with you.

Bridget and I headed back to the house to say our goodbyes, pack up our stuff and head back to Seto’s to pick up the celeb.


The drive itself wasn’t that tumultuous. We did fill it up with gas while in drive and did switch drivers-about a half hour away from home. Looking back, that probably wasn’t the smartest option-but it did make it exciting. Try to picture it, inching your foot off the petal while someone else is inching it on to the same petal. I felt a little like I was in this movie (I know it isn’t the same, but…)

I am glad I drive a stick shift now.

New things are to come this week.


One thought on “Speed, the real life version

  1. bridget says:

    good times! i will never forget that gas station. we should have bought the souvenir t-shirts.

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