My life is quickly changing as I move into my life as a blogger. Just kidding, but seriously. The idea of spending time writing did open up a new opportunity for me. Coffee shops. The only job I have ever had is teaching and when I have been writing it has been papers which hasn’t lent itself well to working in public places. I am easily distracted (as you will see by the details to come). The other day I decided to go do some writing at a coffee shop nearby. 

This place was PACKED-lots of people doing their work. Here were some highlights:

  • People still wear these? Guess so.
  • The woman sitting across from me was the best. #1 She was eating quiche, at 4. Is that a snack? Late lunch? Early dinner? #2 She was doing Soduku (can’t fault her for that), laughing hysterically.
  • Groucho Marx was there.
  • Quiche lady strikes again. This time she is watching a video on her phone. I promise all it was was people cheering.
  • At 4:15 the place cleared out; the work day ends then, apparently. At 4:40 the lights were turned down low. Seems early to me, but what do I know?
  • At the end there was a very strange interaction between 2 girls who were timing themselves write essays. They were having the weirdest conversation that will never make sense if I write the bits I heard. Just know this: it was very strange and entertaining.

I am easily distractible. Is this normal?

Should probably write at home.



2 thoughts on “Buzz

  1. mo says:

    LOLZ! By the way, I just read your list of things to do… Can I get in on the egging???

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