Never have I ever been to a museum alone…until now. On Saturday I went to the Hirshhorn alone. And oh was it great. I absolutely love watching people and I had so many chances to do this.


The Hirshhorn

Thing number one. While having my bag checked by the security person, I neglected to take it off my body. This made for an up close and awkward experience for both of us. Normally I do all that I can for people in those situations to like me. Later in the day I was able to turn this around, don’t worry.  Immediately after this experience I headed to the escalator with great confidence, right up to it, only to notice that was the down escalator.  Embarrassing.

While walking around I had out a notebook and my camera to take pictures. The notebook made me look very studious, little did people know that all I was doing was writing down stuff about them.  There are 3 floors, I took many notes on each. I will go through the floors that I visited in order.

Floor 2-This was mainly to show Andy Warhol’s shadows. Here I had positive interaction #1 with a guard. She asked me what school I go to-I told her I was a teacher and she didn’t believe me. I don’t know why I would lie about that. If I were going to lie, I would make it cool.

A. Warhol's Shadows

Dan Flavin

These neon lights were about the only other thing on the floor.  Which brings me to…

The elevator The escalator to the third floor wasn’t working, I had to take the elevator for art work up to the third floor. This was manned by a guy who kept yelling to everyone else that worked there (in a high pitched voice) “Hey!  Hey! Take over! I HAAAATE this elevator!” Everyone felt good about the ride.

The Third floor The highlight from this floor is while I was walking around I noticed a guard walking funny (on purpose) so I started laughing. She immediately walks right up to me and grabs on to my arm and she and this other guy start telling me a story about how she had almost been caught sitting down. She was howling while telling the story. It was funny, but the part I felt best about was that I definitely was their favorite visitor of the day.

Giacomo Balla: Wooden Flowers

The elevator(part 2)-going back down on the elevator, the same man was there. He asked everyone what floor they wanted to go to. This girl behind me said 1, so I thought I would ride right along. We got to 2, and he asked us again while more people were getting on. They said 1, and he said oh we’re going back up. Clearly, he never intended to take it to 1, which makes you wonder-why ask?

Floor 1-This floor had 2 video pieces. 1 showing magnetic forces around you and the other had lots of screens showing a man stamping papers. It was dark and I couldn’t really see anything with the other people going on.

Final thoughts-I don’t know much about art. I have definite opinions about what I think looks good and what I think does not. I think that is the way most people are (barring the ones that have taken classes), so listening to people talk was so funny to me. They say such serious things in such a definite way.

All statues should be shiny



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