Random Stranger Convo

I’ve been frequenting Starbucks on a regular basis lately. I normally try to steer clear- spending $6ish a pop gets a little pricey. For Christmas, I accumulated about $50 worth of Starbucks gift cards from family and friends. Jackpot! Needless to say, I’ve been hitting up Starbucks about every other day.

So, yesterday, I decided on a mid afternoon pick me up. I rolled into Starbucks, ready for a tall Skinny Vanilla Latte. There was a long line, and right in front of me stood a really, really cute guy. I thought, wow, this guy is cute, not wearing a wedding ring, and looks semi- normal. So, I referenced the “never have I ever” list of things to do in my mind, and realized I still hadn’t struck up a conversation with a stranger.

Here’s how it goes, the play by play (get ready for the awesomeness):

Me: Are Cinnamon Dolce Lattes good? (he had just ordered one, great line Maria, great)

Cute Guy: Yeah, I really like them. That’s all I ever get.

Me: Hmm, I’ll have to try one sometime. I always get the same thing too.

Cute Guy: Yeah, it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone on food and drinks. What do you get?

Me: Skinny Vanilla Latte. They’re so good.

Cute Guy: Hmm, my coworker gets that. I should try it sometime, but probably never will, hahaha (that’s him chuckling).

Me: hahaha (that’s me chuckling) Yeah, I know what you mean. Do you work in Falls Church?

Cute Guy: No, I work in Tysons. I was in the area seeing a friend.

Me: Oh that’s fun! I work right down the street, so I’m here a lot.

Cute Guy: Niiice. Good to have a Starbucks near work.

Me: Seriously.


Long pause.


Me: Are you off of work today?

Cute Guy: Yeah, I took a personal day to see my friend that’s in town. So nice to be off of work.

Me: Lucky! I’m jealous.

Cute Guy: Did you have Martin Luther King Jr Day off?

Me: Yes, it was so great. I went to visit my sister in Richmond and was totally lazy.

Cute Guy: Oh me too, it was so awesome.


His drink is ready.


Cute Guy: Well, have a great rest of the day!

Me: You too, bye!




Totally ridiculous, boring conversation, BUT I did it. I started a conversation with a perfect stranger, something I NEVER do. It’s so easy to just keep to myself. To check my phone and pretend like I’m receiving loads of incoming text messages from my hundreds of friends. But instead, I kept my phone in my bag and talked to someone. And you know what, it wasn’t too bad. Kind of lame, and a little awkward, but definitely not terrible. No, I didn’t get his number, and we’re not dating, but it was the first step to me getting out of my comfort zone.


So, there you have it. The sad, kind of boring, but kind of awesome recap of me having a conversation with a perfect stranger.


One thought on “Random Stranger Convo

  1. Deena says:

    i love your boldness-very empowering! And your writing style cracks me up. Never have I ever followed a blog before- this is my first. I used to work with Hannah at an ACPS school, so that is how I got introduced to your blog. I love reading your adventures!

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