With the news of the Italian cruise ship, I was reminded of my first time on a cruise ship. I don’t know if I am much of a cruiser. I found most of the trip kind of strange, like being a part of herd of cattle. But on that trip something amazing happened. We only found out about this after getting back. It didn’t happen to me. I wish I could find the news story that I saw when I got back. Apparently this is what happened:

A young man decided to hit up the casino with his friends. It was the last night of the cruise and they decided to go big or go home.

who wouldn't want to spend their nights here?

Here is where things got wild. In hopes of meeting up with some ladies, it seems the guys separated. The gentleman this story is about, we’ll call him Gus, never came back to the room. His roommates were high fiving each other celebrating Gus’s victory.  When they got to the checkout

This isn't the actual checkout, but you get the idea

Gus was nowhere to be found. Apparently this is what happened: instead of getting lucky with the ladies, he struck out. Gus was downtrodden when he went to the deck. He also had been enjoying the spirits. He jumped or fell off the boat straight into the Gulf of Mexico.  Cruise ships are big. They contain casinos, discos, endless dining options and lots of cabins.

I can't find my actual pictures

Back to Gus. He jumped off the side and was shocked back into reality so he began treading water. He did this for 24 hours before the Coast Guard picked him up. Gus survived. I read about it when I got back and am amazed to this day.

I have been sick the past 2 days and have spend more hours sleeping than waking. I hope this all makes sense.



One thought on “Cruise

  1. Jen Landis says:

    Love the ‘downtrodden’ use. Nice, Hurricane, nice work.

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