The Gold Experience

Never have I ever had a Gold Experience…until now. You may be asking, “Maria, what the heck is a Gold Experience?”. I had no idea either, until Saturday night.


Hannah and I went to the mecca, also known as Tyson’s Corner Mall. It was packed. We walked around, shopping for things we didn’t need and people watching the masses. Side note about me, I LOVE people watching. Love it. Our plan was to get dinner somewhere and then see The Descendants at 7:30.


Time 5:50. All of the restaurants in the building were packed. We headed over to Coastal Flats, one of my favorite restaurants, and stalked the bar area since the wait for a real seat seemed incredibly long. Hannah went to buy something at North Face, and I stayed and stalked. Basically watching a few high top tables of couples as they ate…creepy. When Hannah got back, it was not looking good. No one was moving and it was past 6:15. Suddenly, the skies opened. A couple got up and Hannah ran to the table. Hannah for the win!


Time: 6:15. We quickly ordered, nervous that we weren’t going to make it to the movie. We tried walking to a kiosk right next to the restaurant to go ahead and buy tickets, but both of them were broken. What the heck? Suddenly, I looked up and saw my coworker walking in. We’ve seen each other at restaurants twice in the last few weeks, at completely different locations. Strange. She told us they were going to a movie too, and they were getting their tickets from the restaurant for only SEVEN DOLLARS. $7?? That’s $5 less that what you’d pay at the theater. Genius! Amazing!


Time: 7:00. We got our checks, asked for our movie tickets, and paid. Our waiter brought back these gems:


The Gold Experience. Now that’s what I’m talking about.


Time: 7:20. We ran upstairs to get into the movie. Suddenly, we came to the realization that this was not a real ticket, it was basically a gift card. Dang it. Busted. We look up, and see that the line to buy tickets is wrapped around the lobby. Great. We get in line, with the rest of the thousands of people enjoying a night at Tyson’s Corner, and wait to trade in our Golden Experience for a real ticket.


Time: 7:31. Finally, we get to the front. I walk up to the ticket seller (who was awesome and could have easily had her own reality show that I would watch religiously) and ask for a ticket to The Descendants. She tells me, with a smirk, it’s sold out. NOOOOOOOOOOO.


Time: 7:40. We’re sitting at a table in the food court. Trying to figure out what to do. Most of the next movie times are at 10:00 or later. Sit in the mall for 3 hours until it starts? Tempting, but no thanks. We finally decided on Contraband at 8:30. Our friend Kyle called the theater to verify it wasn’t sold out.  Looks like these days they have real-time numbers on the percentage of sold outs on a movie. Weird right? Contraband was 43% sold out. Risky, but worth a try.


Time: 7:55. Got back in line with our GoldExperience. The line was shorter, thank goodness. We got to the front, hopeful for a win this time. Success. We’re in, real tickets in hand.


Time: 8:05. We walk down the hallway to theater 15. Suddenly, we see a security checkpoint. A young theater worker, not yet 21, surrounded by black barriers, was very serious about his job. He told us that no one could get past him without their ID and tickets. No problem, sir. I’ve got about 8 years on you. Our friend Kyle shows his ID. The theater worker then lets us through happily, says we’re good to go. Apparently Kyle looked enough like our dad for the theater worker to let it slide.


Time: 8:08. We’re in. Sitting pretty in the movie. Ready to roll. The person sitting beside me is clearing his throat continually. Makes for a bit of a distraction. In the middle of the movie a guy stood up directly in front of Kyle, for a good 30 seconds, leisurely taking off his coat. Completely blocking the people behind him from seeing. Strange.


All in all, the movie was great. A good deal of Fbombs, shooting, and shattered glass, but the $7 Gold Experience made it all worth it.


2 thoughts on “The Gold Experience

  1. spokeit says:

    But what did you order from Coastal Flats? I must know what people eat in these types of stories. GET TO THE GOOD STUFF MARIA. And I’m still laughing thinking of you guys getting tazer-ed by the over zealous security movie guy.

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