Crazy Cat Lady?

Is crocheting the first step to becoming a crazy cat lady? Or is it something old that has become new again. Yeah, that is it. Right?

Am I on my way?

Well, never have I ever crocheted, until now. I love scarves and have been jealous of Maria’s crocheting skills since the epic snowpocalypse. She just whipped one up. Impressive.  I thought I didn’t have the patience or the skills. But with the dawn of 2012, and the decree to try new things, I thought this is my year.

This is Vanna White yarn. Vanna White?

First, I stopped by Michael’s and got the supplies. I took it home eager to have a scarf by the afternoon. That was not the case. I found some very helpful videos on You Tube. This lady has lots of good stuff. From the videos I watched I think I need much longer finger nails. It took me one afternoon to master the chain stitch, which really is no stitch at all. Finally I got passed that and was able to start making the scarf…until….rookie mistake. I only bought 1 thing of that yarn up there and it was not enough. I tried to find some more at the local AC Moore, but Vanna wasn’t fully stocked there.

New project

I got some new yarn (2 things of it) and started something new.  Update: I am now obsessed. I really can’t stop. The muscles in my hand are kind of sore (as my parents always say this is an excellent sign on conditioning) and sometimes I feel like it makes me dizzy. Fun!

My next project? Probably.



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