Spin Class

Never have I ever intentionally gotten up at 5:30 am and gone to the gym. I vaguely remember trying it a few years ago, but I either completely blocked it out of my mind because it was so terrible or it was a dream. Who really knows.

I had every intention of going to the gym last night. I broke down and got a Sport & Health membership a few months ago. I really love the location- it feels like you are in an NYC swanky gym. I’ve been to a decent amount of night classes and have run on the treadmill a few times, but I’ve never gotten into a gym-going habit. You see, I am the master of excuses when I don’t want to do something, i.e. workout. I always plan to go after work. Then suddenly, I think I have a headache, or I’m really tired and should take it easy, or I feel bad leaving my dog at home, or wait, I should probably do some laundry and clean- that’ll burn calories! You get the idea.

So, back to last night. I left work thinking I would go straight to the gym. I even had a gym bag in my car, ready to roll. But, just like clockwork, the excuses started coming. Coming on so strong that I peeled home and started making dinner. On a whim I looked up “benefits of working out in the morning”. These are a few things I found (via Fitness Magazine):

  • One Shower- Work out before you get all fancy for the day and you don’t have to go through the whole shower/dry hair/moisturize routine on your lunch hour or later. It saves time, water and energy.
  • The Best Parties Aren’t Breakfast Parties- You’re less likely to scrap your workout for the can’t-miss-get-together with friends if you work out at daybreak. Run, walk, lift weights or whatever you do before the boss gets up and his or her “urgent” deadlines won’t pulverize your workout plans either.
  • Accomplishment is a Beautiful Thing- As everyone else stumbles to the bus stop or the office, you’re flying. Not only did your workout get your energy up in a way coffee just can’t, but you are d-o-n-e! It’s a great feeling to have one “to-do” completely nixed when most people are still figuring out what’s on their lists.

Fitness Magazine really got me thinking. What if I tried working out in the morning, for 2 weeks? Could it hurt? Could I really do it? I decided to try, starting this morning.

I set my alarm for 5:30 am (barf), which meant I really needed to be in bed asleep around 10:30 pm for me to even think about getting out of bed before the sun was up. I set out my workout clothes, set my alarm on the most obnoxious and loud ring possible, and went to bed. Morning came too soon. The alarm went off and even my dog was confused. VERY surprisingly though, I didn’t go back to sleep. Oh man, did I think about it, but I turned on the light, shot of out bed, and started getting ready. I still can’t believe it myself.

This morning I went to a 6-7am spinning class. I’ve been to a couple of spin classes before at night, and they’ve been challenging, but not impossible. This one started off great- I really loved the music and the instructor. 10 minutes in though, I wanted to die. I felt like I was going to throw up. I was Ready to quit. I kept looking around helplessly, wondering if anyone else was feeling the pain I was. Nope, all dripping sweat with big smiles on their faces. What the heck?

I swear there was a guy that looked JUST like this in my class. Smile and all.

This is what I looked like.

The class felt forever long. I had to modify a lot of the intensity, etc because I didn’t want to throw up in my first morning class. That would have been awkward. BUT, I made it through. And at the end, I was so proud of myself. I got in the car to drive home, with a completely beet red face, and was amazed that I had accomplished so much before 7:30 am.

I’m going to try this morning workout thing for 2 weeks. If it is absolute torture and I hate it, I can quit after that. I’m hopeful that I love it though, because it’s pretty awesome to feel so accomplished before I even leave for work in the morning.



One thought on “Spin Class

  1. Michelle says:

    Maria – I also feel like throwing up if I resist every sign in the world and try to work out before work in the morning. Good luck for the next two weeks! you can do it!

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