Exercise in Italy

I almost named this something different, but decided you should wait for it. Maria’s inspiring post about going to the gym made me think of a time I was running. (It did not make me think about getting up early to run-I cannot get enough sleep). I was in Umbria with my family on vacation-pretty  great. We had rented a house that was on a lot of property. The property had a gate around it. Umbria is HILLY. These are all important details.


I was in a running phase and decided to wake up early and run. I did, but those hills(which don’t look that big in the picture) made for difficult running and I was a tad scared to get lost. So I came back fairly quickly to the house and decided I would walk around on the property of the house itself. There a few roads and some olive orchards. “Oh this one looks interesting.” I said to myself as I walked down a steep hill. In the distance I could see something that looked similar to this at the very bottom of the hill:

What’s in there? I wondered and kept walking. This picture isn’t the exact shack, but it looks a lot like it. Notice how it is run down, looks like one swift kick and the whole thing is coming down. I got very close to it and then hear (YOU MUST CLICK ON THAT TO UNDERSTAND-although you can never fully understand because the dogs I heard were much angrier and probably hungrier). I started sprinting. I ran so fast I thought my arms were going to come right out of their sockets. NEVER have I  ever been so scared. To this day I wonder, what was that pack of dogs doing in that shack? What happens with the beautiful villa isn’t being rented out? Are the killer dogs left to roam the property? What were they eating? My heart is racing even now thinking about this.



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