Sounds exciting, right? Never have  I ever had a budget. Is this embarrassing? A little. After a 4 week sermon series all about making a budget I decided this might just be the perfect time to implement one. I am not looking to cut out things in my life that I am doing and enjoying, rather just be more aware of where my money is going and kind of tighten up.

I opened an account on mint.com. I estimated what I thought I normally spend on things each month, but the great thing about mint is, it does some of the guessing for you. I spend a lot of money on myself. I think it is good to know exactly where everything is going, but it is hard too! In the past I have taken the attitude of if I don’t know, it can’t be that bad. January 30 is a pretty good day to make the first budget, because there is only 1 day left in the month. Not enough time to go over budget on things. Month 1=success.

2012 isn’t all about fun. It is about doing new things, even if that is trying to be responsible.

I have a good story waiting for Thursday. Check out the tweet about forgetting to lock the door for a preview.



3 thoughts on “Budget

  1. Deena says:

    Oh no! Don’t give up JCrew- Your clothes are too cute!

  2. Julie says:

    mint.com is awesome! almost as good as thebomb.com but less creepy and more helpful 😉

    happy budgeting!
    – Julie

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