Indulgent Eating Out

Never have I ever gone a full week without eating a lunch out. That sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. Mainly my adult working life I’m speaking of, but still, it’s kind of amazing that I did it. Like Hannah, I’ve been on a kick to be more intentional about where my money is going. Not a super strict budget, but more just to be aware of random purchases that I make and don’t really need. As many of you know, a MAJOR downfall of being in the 9-5 corporate world is the dreaded lunch break. The lunch break is wonderful. A time to stop working and eat, what’s not to love? The only bad thing is it is MUCH easier to go out with coworkers to a local restaurant than to bring your own lunch, and frankly, more fun.

Basically, a typical week for me looked like this:

Monday- Subway ($7 ish)

Tuesday- Dogwood Tavern ($11 ish)

Wednesday- maybe bring a lunch, hooray!

Thursday- Elevation Burger- ($9ish)

Friday- Four Provinces ($10ish)

Total for the week- $37.00

Ouch. That’s a decent amount of money for not very good food. I’m not even going out with friends catching up and having fun, I’m with coworkers (no offense).

So, my main goal moving forward was and is to eat all of my lunches from food that I bring from home (minus the occassional special occassion).

The verdict- it’s been tough. It’s taken me really cracking down and taking the extra time to make enough dinner the night before for leftovers. Or to take the 5 mins in the morning to pack a lunch. It sounds so pathetic, but it’s just one extra step. BUT, it has been great to see my “restaurant” budget not in the red and to have some extra cash the last few weeks. It really is amazing how much eating out costs. I’m slowly becoming a miser…and I kind of like it.




One thought on “Indulgent Eating Out

  1. My husband hopped off the daily-eating-out train several months ago. Granted, he is running too- but he’s lost 20 pounds. And saved a bunch of money. Win-win.

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