Fame in my midst

2 new things this week from Hannah. Well-that makes 3 really. Never have I ever been to Dave Grohl’s house. Have you?

Welcome, Hannah. Good to see you.

We have a long history. His mom used to teach math at my high school. Well, that is really the whole history. But apparently he has a house within minutes from mine.  Perhaps he has gained inspiration from our neighborhood haunts.

Who wouldn't be inspired by this?

Here is where things get a little sketchy, where I went out on a limb. Someone told me he lived nearby, even gave me the address. So I decided to go and check it out. The house is on a very short street, with 3 houses and no way to turn around. It was a little uncomfortable.

I never said I actually went in. Just a drive by.



3 thoughts on “Fame in my midst

  1. Jen Landis says:

    funny story….i am a HUGE Dave Grohl fan. So……… I am working at Evening Star Cafe one lonesome Tuesday night and along comes Dave and his girlfriend at the time (pre Jordyn, his wife) and they have a great meal. AFTER meal, at my insistence, Dave comes into the kitchen and congratulates Eric (the chef) on a meal well done, then takes his leave. After Dave leaves, I take a drink out of his water glass. At his lip mark. Is that weird?

  2. Jen Landis says:

    P.S. I like to think,we kinda kissed.

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