Boarding House

#1 Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you are wearing red and pink and LIVING IT UP! Probably the best part of being a teacher is Valentine’s day. The way kids celebrate Valentine’s day has always made me love it.

Every few years my family gets together for a blow out weekend in New York. This weekend usually involves going to see a play and a lot of eating and drinking. It is so fun. As everyone gets married and has kids, space has gotten tighter. We used to always stay at our cousins’ apartment, but now space is at a premium. My dad, brother, aunt and I had a brother-sister weekend at a boarding house a few blocks away. Never had I ever.

my niece covered her face for most of the drive

My sister and family dropped my brother off at the House of the Redeemer.

boarding house?

After trying to figure out how to get into the house, we walk in. It is big, we feel like we are barging in. It is uncomfortable to say the least. We look down a long hallway and see a few ladies working in the back. “Excuse me” I say meekly. Almost zero response. “We are staying in the boardinghouse?”

does this hallway remind you of The Shining? All we need are some twins.

“WE are not a boarding house.” She says. I start scrambling, maybe we walked in the wrong door. Have the wrong address. SHOOT! “We are a guest house, are you staying here? Just know, we are no hotel, the accommodations are very minimal.”

my room

Needless to say, we weren’t feeling welcome and excited. Another woman came out to relieve this first woman and show us up to the rooms. She was much more friendly. Other than this initial interaction, the  boarding house was pretty great.

what is the point of the washcloth?

One awkward note. I came back in the middle of the day on Saturday and there was a wedding reception happening. I had to walk right through it, directly past the string quartet. I will end with a few other photographic highlights of the weekend.

breakfast out is always good

we went to see war horse

it was right next to fashion week

window shopping on madison ave.

cute girl




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