Group Link

Never have I ever joined a small group at Fairfax Community Church. I have been going to Fairfax Community for about a year now (I think? Time flies). I really love it. It has awesome worship, a totally great pastor, and is smaller and just has a different feel than Frontline, where I had been going before.

As many of you know, I lead Young Life at Herndon High School and love it. I have an awesome group of peers that are wonderful friends through it. I’m so thankful to have this group of friends, but lately, I’ve been feeling like I need to branch out and make some new friends. NOT to replace, just to add. Can’t hurt, am I right? So, over the last few weeks, Fairfax Community has been advertizing their event called Group Link. This is a 2 hour event at church where about 300 people come and get connected to a small group. I was so pumped!

So, I arrive at church at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon. There are 3 lines formed to get name tags. I started talking to a really nice girl behind me while in line. We kept on talking and ended up standing together during the whole event. The event started with the small group directors explaining the event. Basically, it was glorified speed dating. There were snacks and drinks and time to mingle and meet each other. They divided us into 4 areas- womens groups, mens groups, coed groups with children, and coed groups without children. I went for the coed group area without children. It can’t hurt to meet some guys, am I right?

They let us go and told us to mingle in our areas and find people that lived in the same general area we do and can meet the same times we can. I freaked out for a minute, thinking the whole situation would be incredibly awkward. It took some courage, but when they told us to get started, I hightailed it over to the coed area and started talking to anyone I saw.

No joke, in about 20 minutes, we had a group of 15 people formed. It was so crazy! Who know something that seemed so daunting could happen so fast. I’m so excited about this group. We start meeting next Wednesday in Fairfax. I’m excited for new friends…I’ll keep you updated.



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