My first year as a teacher I was teaching in a school with student’s coming from a low socioeconomic neighborhood. So when Christmas came around, I wasn’t expecting much. I almost hate laughing at this story-because it is sweet, but it is also funny.

On that day I was given 4 presents. They were all heartfelt and sweet.

#1. A pen with an elf on the top with legs that swing down.

It was an elf, but you get the idea.

2. A piece of homemade cake, wrapped in a paper bag

a plastic bag might have worked better

3. A bottle of sparkling apple cider


Can you imagine anything awkward about that sitting on your desk all day? I promise that COUNTLESS times I was asked why I had wine on my desk.

4. A bag of chocolate chips.

They were actual chocolate, but this picture reminded me of them

The funny/sad thing about this is: the student who brought these clearly had not brought them for me. He just had them in his backpack. When he saw the others giving me presents he ran to his backpack and brought them out saying, “I brought you chocolate!” For years I have wondered why he was walking around with chocolate chips in his backpack, but I will be eternally grateful.





2 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. Deena says:

    Are you speaking of your time at PHES??

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