Market 2 Market (to buy a fat pig)

If you are wondering about the title, it comes from Mother Goose and is something my mom used to always say. This post has to do with my mom, in a way, so I thought it seemed appropriate.

Market 2 Market, the outside.

A few years ago my mom worked in a shop. It was basically the only job she had her whole life. It was called 8 Hands Round. It is no longer open, and actually it was more than a few years ago, it was 8 years ago. Man. So this was a little shop in Del Ray and we all spent a lot of time there, my sisters, my mom, her best friend and her daughters and I. We used to joke that it was like the hit show 227 staring Jackee. That shop is now a deli.

Needless to say, it was weird being in there. I remember in the back right corner was the baby stuff. On the front left side was where my mom would sit behind the counter. She was the queen of Del Ray for a while. She was friends with everyone who owned a shop and remembered everyone who came into the store. This, wasn’t quite the same feel.

It wasn’t bad, it was just different. They had a lot of good things in there. They had iced tea that I have only seen in Italy, lots of sandwich choices and good bread. One thing I realized about myself-I don’t like multi-meat sandwiches, which they offered a lot of.

Here is what I got

I finally decided on tuna, kind of default for me. The weirdest part about that? I don’t really like mayonnaise, unless it is Duke’s or in tuna. The sandwich was good-it had cucumbers on it, which I enjoy. One interesting thing, they slice the bread down the top middle, instead of on the side. A signature slicing, if you will.

See what I mean?

All in all, I was glad I went in. I always enjoy a good sandwich shop. It was no 227 experience though.



One thought on “Market 2 Market (to buy a fat pig)

  1. Jen Landis says:

    I remember when that shop was in Del Ray.I had no idea your mom worked there!!!! Such a small world. Again, have to say, I love your blog. good going, Hanns……

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