A year of firsts

In the spirit of Never Have I Ever, I have been pushing myself to do lots of new things. Not just the ones I write about here, but little things. The things in the past that I would have given myself lots of reasons not to do.  Calling someone with kids in the middle of the afternoon, knowing it isn’t the perfect time to talk and having a great conversation. Ordering something on a menu because it looks interesting without really knowing if I am going to like it (beer and red wine mixed? actually good).

Taking a leap

This week I did something new that is fairly mundane, but I think it is a good life lesson for me. There is a woman that I work with who has recently suffered a great loss. In the past I seriously have talked myself out of saying anything to anyone at a time like that. I have said to myself that they don’t want to think about it now, or we aren’t good enough friends for me to say something about that. I may be the only one that thinks like this, but I certainly do it a lot. After having a really rough year last year, and being so touched by so many people in my life I decided it was time to make a change. Right in the middle of the hallway with a beating heart and voices in my head trying to get me to stop, I reached out to someone who isn’t my best friend and said I was so sorry to hear about her loss.  And can you believe it, she seemed touched! She didn’t roll her eyes and walk away or accuse me of presuming a greater friendship than we have. So here is the life lesson: when you are thinking about someone, tell them! It isn’t so bad.



One thought on “A year of firsts

  1. That is a good one Hannah! I have also always been afraid to say the wrong thing, so I would say nothing at all. Then after my mom got sick, I learned that “I’m so sorry- I don’t know what to say, but I’m sorry” goes a long way. I never ever felt offended or presumed upon with those words.

    Way to take a risk.

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