How did I use this Leap Day?

You ask?

Good question. It wasn’t as glamorous as I would have hoped. I entertained a few ideas:

going to a bar for a drink alone,

there was the idea of proposing to someone,

or some other unknown or unnamed boldness.

I did none of these. It was pouring down rain here, I have a cold that is making me feel pretty bad, so I opted for a less risky, more comfortable, leap.

I went to the movies alone. I know, not that exciting. I have to wonder why I haven’t done it before. There is a movie theatre across the street from my house that plays movies that I want to see and I can’t always find others that do. I don’t talk to people during the movie, so what is the deal? Do it up!

The experience: I went to a movie, alone on a Wednesday afternoon. I was accompanied by all people who do not work (or appear not to). They all appeared to be retired. At the Shirlington theatre I am always hounded about the AMC Starz card. I don’t really even know the deal, I should probably get it, but the fact that I am harassed to get it by each person I encounter (the ticket master, the person at concessions, EVERYWHERE) I refuse to get it. My family has a similar reaction to the CVS card. Really, I should have one. I could save money. But in the Keith family we always talk about how the frustrating it is that people won’t stop asking you about it. At this point I tell the clerk with pride that I don’t have the card and enjoy their awestruck (or at least that is how I interpret it ) face. All that to say, I again was asked multiple times about the card. Didn’t get it. I did however get a popcorn and coke. It is leap day after all, the day doesn’t count! And who doesn’t want some movie popcorn on a day like that. I even buttered it. I never do it. It is actually kind of unsatisfying because there is no way to distribute it evenly. Am I turning into an old curmudgeon right here and now? A leap day miracle? Perhaps.

buttery top, delicious all over.

The movie: I went to see A Separation. It is an Iranian movie. Definitely the first Iranian movie I have seen, perhaps my first movie with subtitles? That seems embarrassing, but it could be true. If that is the case, I felt very similarly about the subtitles as I do about seeing a Shakespeare play.  At first I think, I will never be able to follow this! But soon I have forgotten they are speaking in old English, or in this case that I am reading everything they say. This was a very interesting look into a complicated situation about a couple in a separation while the man is caring for his aging father and both are dealing with an adolescent daughter. It not only was a look into this specific situation, it was interesting looking at a culture with which I am unfamiliar.

Overall: I didn’t do anything glamorous, but I did go out of my comfort zone, and that, after all, is the point of this experiment. I will go to the movies alone again. Something I have feared for so long, actually turned out to be enjoyable. I wonder how many other things there are like that?



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