Barnes and Noble

Never have I ever gone to Barnes and Noble, grabbed a book, and sat down to read for over an hour. Usually I run in, grab what I want, and leave. I’ve honestly never really understood the concept of going into a bookstore to read- it seems weird to me for some reason. But, this is the year of never have I evers, so why the heck not?

I walked into Barnes and Noble ready to read it up. I grabbed a Chai Latte from Starbucks (had to look posh) and made my way to the Christian book section. I had a particular book in mind that I heard is amazing:

I grabbed it and immediately started scouting out a place to sit. Who knew that so many people frequented Barnes and Noble on a weeknight at 8:00 pm. The place was packed.  I finally found a small chair in the back corner. I took a seat, opened up the book, and started attempting to read.

Some observations:

  • People love to talk at Barnes and Noble. Perfect strangers, coming together, sharing stories. Makes it a bit hard to concentrate.
  • People love to talk on their phones at Barnes and Noble. I was right next to a middle aged woman catching up with her son. At least a 30 minute conversation. All at a very shrill, high pitched level.
  • People love to bring their fast food dinners to Barnes and Noble. I saw a lot of Chick Fil A (jealous), Taco Bell (a little grossed out), and Chipotle (yum). Just chowing down while reading. They have a lot of multitasking abilities that I don’t possess.
  • People love to listen to music while reading at Barnes and Noble. I heard many forms of music, bursting out of headphones. Don’t you think that if I can CLEARLY hear the music from 10 feet away, it is deafening for the person wearing the headphones? And more importantly, how on earth can they concentrate to read?

The verdict:

I read about 2 pages. I was so distracted and ADD, but it was fun! People watching is never boring.  I also bought the book. I think it will be a little easier to read in the comfort of my own home.


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