The one with lots of cameos

I am watching Friends as I write this and was inspired by the names of their episodes.

This weekend I made a brick oven pizza.

There's Mia in action

I was with some friends at a house in Clifton that had a brick oven. It was amazing. They also had dough from Trader Joe’s for everyone and tons of stuff to put on the pizza.

spreading that dough is hard work

There were very specific directions: Get the dough as thin as you can. Slide the pizza in the oven for 30 seconds, spin it around and let it cook for 30 more seconds.

I was nervous. Sweating bullets almost. These were very specific instructions and I was terrified to mess them up.


It took me quite a while to get the dough that spread out. It was very springy stuff and kept going back to a small circle in the middle of the paddle. I was not able to achieve the exact shape I wanted, but was pretty happy with the width.

Those pizzas look pretty different

There was a wide variety of things to put on the pizzas. I opted for mozzarella, goat cheese and peppers. My friend, Alex, clearly opted to dress his pizza differently. There were a lot of meats.

don't mind the foggy lens

Alex's pizza lowered the temperature in the oven like putting a snowball in there would have.

I put my pizza in the oven after Alex. The temperature was all off because of all the toppings on his pizza. His, cooked; mine, doughy.


The edges were good though. Really good. And because I stretched that dough out so expertly, I had a really big pizza. Way more than I wanted. So all in all-it was fairly perfect.

Jenny doing it up

Jenny, Hannah and Anna. They should probably open a pizza place.

All in all, brick ovens are fun. This gave a big group of people something fun to do and something good to eat. Yes, I was nervous about following the rules and not burning my pizza, but it worked out. Thank goodness. I think I am starting to see a theme: I get worried about stuff, but it usually isn’t that bad.





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