Bachelor Party for 1

If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am a little sad for you.

Last night was the season finale of The Bachelor.

Mini Champagne and the Bachelor.

Today I bring you my bachelor party for 1. Chock full of Never Have I Evers.

First of all: I had a party for one.

(party for one)

2. I cooked steak for the first time ever.

steak, polenta and roasted tomatoes

A few years ago I gave up meat for lent. Since then I have decided that I will not buy meat for just me at my house. This is for a few reasons: I think as we eat too much meat, meat is expensive, it is easy to roast vegetables, more attention is needed for cooking meat.  I do cook it for people, it is festive. So I decided Bachelor Party=festive.

I made steak, polenta and roasted tomatoes. It was so delicious. 1 problem. I looked up how to cook polenta, it told me 1 part polenta to 4 parts water. I did this, but it didn’t seem like enough water. I kept adding more. Mistake. They were a little watery, so I had to cook them longer. Next time I will know. Another problem: my apartment was so darn smokey. High heat=smoke. Plus my apartment will most likely smell like the inside of a cow for a few days-luckily it is warm and the windows are wide open.

one more. all that hard work deserves 2 pictures.

The Show: Never Have I Ever done a show recap.

Until now, baby.

Ben, the most unlikeable Bachelor has left it to 2 girls.

Lindzi (creative spelling, right?)

She is a horse lover. She rode a horse to meet Ben for the first night and won the first impression rose. I think she is the same girl who was broken up with over a text message that said something about dumpsville population 1. I am fairly certain.

Courtney (the model)

Are you impressed with how big my television is?

Never was she mentioned without also mentioning she is a model. She was the crowd least favorite. In the beginning she seemed very out to “win.” And either changed her strategy or started to like Ben. If he is anything like he is on the show, I think she changed her strategy. I have a hard time believing that anyone could really fall for him-but they certainly all seem to say it.

Ok, so let’s cut to the chase. I have been hoping Courtney wins for a few weeks because the other girls seem to nice.


The show started with both girls meeting Ben’s mom and sister. They were head over heals for both girls. Of course. His sister Julia was all set to hate Courtney. Courtney just had to say a few simple words and they were all on her side.

As I am writing this, I am realizing I can’t do a whole show recap. The show is 2 hours long. It is about an hour and a half longer than it needs to be. Lets bring on the reactions.

This is my biggest problem/what I love the most about this show. The show is all about words. So they say “I have these walls that I just need to let down, so I will.” There are ZERO actions. It is almost as if there is a book full of cliches that they all must say. Here are some top favorites:

I am really falling for him.

I am really here for the right reasons.

I am really falling for these women.

This love is unlike any other love I have felt before.

Classics. I can’t wait to be in a relationship to say these gems. They seem to work so well on the show.

This is what is so good about the whole show. It is so absolutely nuts.

Let’s cut to the chase (spoiler alert): Ben proposes to Courtney. I must say that after the proposal it the excitement the 2 had was a bit lackluster. They are saying “I am so happy right now” in a kind of monotone way. Again, all words. The show had zero drama. It was painfully clear that he was going to. They hardly even showed any of Lindzi getting ready and talking about her future life with Ben. When Lindzi was pouring her heart out to him, saying she loved him, he didn’t even sound like he was listening. It looked like an incredibly awkward last date between them at her house. Not on the ski lift complete with bear skin blankets and wine (of course).

No surprises here, Ben and Courtney are not on the fast track to marriage now. They have broken up once already and I bet they will break up permanently that they will break up before April or May.



3 thoughts on “Bachelor Party for 1

  1. Jen Landis says:

    OMG, “After The Rose” was the be all, end all. Courtney was all, “Ben was not here for me when I neeeeeeded him the most,” and…”Ben did NOT send me any flowers OR send me a card Or call on Valentine’s Day”…like, WTH???Ben’s such a tool. And not a resourceful tool, like screwdriver. He’s more like a superfluous tool, like a door jam or table propper. Like something to put under the table when it’s all wiggley.

  2. Jen Landis says:

    YeSSSssss!!! Ben is definitely The Wedge. Good call.

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