Zero Complaining

Monday’s are hard. The Monday after daylight savings time is really hard. Apparently, on that day one is 10% more likely to suffer from a heart attack and 8% more likely to get in a car accident.


I woke up on Monday wanting to stay in bed and feeling like I couldn’t make it. But I made a decision. I wasn’t going to complain and see if that made a difference.

Because I am the boss of 21 other people, I got them on board. I asked them 1. how they were feeling at the beginning of the day. 2. how they predicted the day would be.

9 kids said tired and felt like the day would be long and possibly boring

4 kids said they were tired but thought it would be a good day

5 kids felt good in the morning and were ready for a good day

3 kids were absent

We did it! I kept myself from complaining, mostly. I did catch myself one time. Dang it, old habits die hard. At the end of the day, I asked my people some questions. I asked them: 1. how they did with the no complaining and 2. how the day was.

All except 1 said they did well and thought it was a great day.

I am pretty sure I just scientifically proved that a positive attitude will make all the difference. Amazing.


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