Game night with the twins!

This Saturday night I had a game night with one of my favorite sets of twins:

Violet and Piper.

They introduced me to a game that I had never played before: Busytown.

 This game is the I loved Busytown books when I was little, and still love looking at them (but not always reading them) with my nieces and nephew.

 This game involves all the players trying to get to a picnic. Everyone waits for all the players at the ferry that carries you across the bridge and you arrive at the picnic together.

 I do believe that it is important for kids to learn how to win/lose gracefully, but sometimes it is nice to take a break from that and work as a team to get to a delicious picnic.

One side note, I was fairly terrible at this game. Part of it involves looking for tiny things on the board, in classic Busytown style. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and stunk at this. I mean terrible.

Bonus, after this I won Candy Land in perhaps the fewest turns ever. Booyah!

read it and weep, suckas

Pretty great way to spend a Saint Patrick’s Day right? I know you are impressed and surprised by my wild lifestyle.



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