Shamrock the Block

Never have I ever been to Shamrock the Block in Richmond. Over St. Patty’s Day weekend, I drove the 2 hours to Richmond to visit my sister. We hit up the local downtown extravaganza.

A few observations of my experience:

  1. Richmond is MUCH more southern than the DC/NOVA area. I’m not really used to it anymore. The rednecks were out in droves.
  2. People love any reason to celebrate a holiday with booze and music. Why do we really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Who knows. All I know is the beer was a’ flowin and the people were living the dream.
  3. There was an SPCA truck smack dab in the middle of the event…with tons of cute adoptable dogs. Many questionable people were trying to adopt them. My sister almost stole one because it was so cute.

The day was super fun, but not what I was expecting. We ended up finding a much less crazy wine bar right near the event, so we had a little respite from the craziness.

Some pictures of our adventures…


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