Burgers galore

You may remember that Maria and I have quite a thing for hamburgers. I mean they are delicious. This year of firsts is a perfect time to try out the many burger places around the area. Remember Ray’s Hell Burgers? Or the time Maria almost went to The Shake Shack?

Friday night, I went. My brother actually used to work there and I had been meaning to go since it opened here. Some things take a little longer than you imagine. Right?

Crinkle cut fries may just be my favorite kind of french fries. They are so good, perfect for my favorite sauce ketchup.

The burger itself was delicious. It was really good. And a potato roll? Probably the perfect bun. I went to the shack with my friends Kim and Kyle and after discussing how Shake Shack compared with other places, we came up with a rating system. These numbers were the average between the three of us.


All of these are out of a 5 point scale, let me break it down a little for you:

  • Temperature: Kim was saying that she would have preferred a it warmer.
  • Toppings selection: There weren’t lots of choices. Some bacon and mushrooms would have been great.
  • Toppings freshness: Totally fresh, what they offered.
  • The bun: I think it was perfect. The ratio was good and let’s face it I love potato rolls.
  • Meat flavor: Was good, I think Ray’s Hell burger wins out there a bit which tastes like it is right off the grill.
  • Cheese: It was there, melted well, but didn’t add a lot of flavor. Good cheddar is all that adds flavor in my opinion.
  • Fries: So good. Five Guys is my gold standard.
  • Price (or prize…Kim): I thought it was good, the same as any fast casual place. Kyle was close to outraged at that.
  • Ambiance: It is cool in there, so cool that it is hard to get a table. There are helpful people working there trying to help you snag a table. We were there as Duke was losing and people were watching the game and cheering their heads off. Community bonding over burgers and March Madness. I suggest you get out there and experience it this weekend.




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