Was that Salzie? Or was it Kip?

This post was supposed to be all about a Poetry Slam. Never had I ever been to a poetry slam before Friday night. Unfortunately, I arrived a touch late and missed most of the slam. And there was no spoken word poetry. This is what I was hoping for:

Instead, I got actual poems. Heartfelt words. It was good and I was impressed.

Upstairs from this event, DC Improv was there and college students were doing stand up comedy. This night just got crazy, people. I do not get stand up comedy. I think almost everything is funny, but not stand up comedy. It is all so forced and strange. Stand up college comedians are bad. At least the ones that I saw were. I took lots of notes of  the strange things that happened, but most of them will be even less funny after I write them. But here are some highlights:

  • Is disability humor ok if the person with differences is the one using it? I will tell you, it feels uncomfortable.
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? A tired janitor. A tired janitor who? Keep it down I am trying to sweep. (that’s right a knock knock joke was one of the highlights.)
  • This is a direct quote: “I ran into my ex-girlfriend the other day. I’d like to say she’d gotten fat, but I really miss her.” There was a table of guys behind me crying laughing. I don’t get this at all.

  • The crowd was SO bizarre. It was quite diverse, mostly in regards to age. There were quite a few grandparent type looking people there. After hearing their comedy, I don’t know which one of those jokers was inviting their Nana.
  • Speaking of things that seemed strange, all of this highly inappropriate humor was taking place under a Praise Rally sign. Now that is comedy.

  • The last comedian was the funniest and looked like either Kip or our friend Salzie (this comment was made by most people sitting at the table, separately). I wish it had been either.

Now here is some real comedy to leave you with:



One thought on “Was that Salzie? Or was it Kip?

  1. Caroline says:

    Oh Mason, how I miss thee (Jon)

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