Obligatory Hunger Games post

Yes, it’s happening. Never have I ever seen The Hunger Games, until Saturday night. I read the Hunger Games two years ago in Cabo, laying on the beach, drinking a mojito. I was instantly hooked. When I heard there was a movie, I was super incredibly excited. More reason to go to the movies! And eat copious amounts of popcorn! And swoon over teenagers fighting to the death!

So, on Saturday, my mom, sisters, and I headed to Tysons Corner theater after my sister Merrie’s epic bridal shower. It was such a fun day, and the only thing that could make the day better is hitting the movies. We swerved into the parking garage- my mom let my sisters out to go inside and get in line (we already had Fandango tickets) while we searched for a parking spot. 15 mins later, after winding around several floors of the parking deck, we found a spot. We headed inside, growing more and more anxious that we wouldn’t get a seat.

We walk in and immediately see a line wrapped around the entire floor. What the heck. My sister screams out to us- that they’ve already broken into the theater and that Merrie was inside. Huh? But I don’t ask questions, not for The Hunger Games. Somehow, we get inside. Merrie is waiting outside the theater until they finish cleaning it while we go to the bathroom. I walk out, ready to leasurly walk in and then, I see the masses. Literally hundreds of people running to the theater. People screaming (I am not joking).

I look down and see that I have 4 missed calls from Merrie- she’s in the theater, fighting to the death for our seats (seems appropriate given the movie plot).

We make it inside, ready for action. People are freaking out, fighting for seats. I spot a man in a District 12 tshirt and camo backpack. Classic.

The movie was thebomb.com. I know a lot of people think a lot was left out, which I agree with, but I thought it was so entertaining and well done. I want to be Katniss, sooo, mission accomplished.



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