A trip full of firsts

I am back. Short and sweet-but it was a great trip to San Diego. Almost everything I did was brand new. In fact this whole trip was inspired by this blog. It all started at Christmas when my cousins Lynn and Taylor said they were going to be in Coronado for 2 months and would love to have people come visit. I knew that 2012 was a year of firsts, so I said-“I am coming.” I got a ticket for so cheap a few weeks later. It was meant to be. The firsts for the trip:

1. I checked no bags. Never have I done this before and it is amazing. I checked in before getting there and really only needed to be there long enough before to get through security. There was a touch of stress when the taxi didn’t show up…but I worked through it. I flew Frontier and their seats seem bigger-but maybe it is just the luxurious pleather seats. Who knows? I am easily swayed by appearances. Here are some pictures from the house:

view from the porch. i am not lying.

2. Bonfire on the beach. My cousins (Taylor’s children) were having a bonfire on the beach when I was picked up from the airport. This is a very California experience. They collect neighbors Christmas Trees and save them for bonfires. Awesome.

3. The Crew Classic. Taylor rowed at Navy and loves crew. There is a big race, a classic if you will, in San Diego every year.  It was kind of like a horse race. There was a jumbo-tron to watch the start of the race and after a while people would switch from watching the race on the screen to watching it on the beach. Bands would come down and play to cheer them on. It was pretty cool.

the band

i LOVE mascots

i LOVE mascots

classic crew fan

4. Midway. I went on a tour of the Midway which is a Naval Air Craft Carrier. I now know what it would be like to be a sailor and am glad I am a teacher.

hydrate or die.

5.La Jolla. In this town there are huge cliffs that meet the sea. There are seals up on the beach. Mitt Romney has a house there-and we were on his street. This place is fairly amazing. There is also a beach that people jump off cliffs to hang glide.

6. Safari Park. First of all, this day felt like actual summer and there were tons of people there. Probably too many, I got too up close and personal with the way that some people choose to parent their children. No thanks. But I did get to go on a tram ride and see lots of animals, go in a butterfly house. Great day.



This is most likely a long boring post for many, but here is the main point. If I hadn’t been in the mindset of doing new things, I might not have headed out on this trip. I am so glad I did. It was 3 days chock full of amazing things. I am so glad I took Lynn and Taylor up on their offer. Coronado was amazing. Plan a trip people. Some place new.

a sad goodbye
This is it about Coronado. Until I go back next year.

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  1. caroline.d.crocker@gmail.com says:

    Where can I get a water bottle hip-pouch?

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