Fox Chase

Now this is a first I never thought I’d have. On Tuesday, I got home, ready to hit up the gym, and then suddenly decided that my dog Abby’s sad eyes deserved a long walk far more than I “deserved” the gym. So, we headed over to the golf course right across the street from my apartment.

We were minding our own business, walking it up while I listened to “Ellie Goulding” radio on Pandora when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I see what looks to be a reddish colored dog on the loose. Abby started freaking out, excited for a new friend! Then I do a double take, my mind slowly registering that it is not a nice friendly dog, it is a FREAKING FOX.

I present exhibit A:

Um yes, and that was when it was far away from me. Freaky. It kept following me. I was trying not to run because all I could picture was it racing after me and tearing off my legs with its razor-sharp teeth. Oddly enough, it had its tail between its legs and looked like it wanted to play (in a totally scary way, mind you). I realized that it must have rabies- or just be really friendly- but probably rabies. So I’m slowly jogging towards people to try to get away from it.

I come upon a few people playing golf. One man says, “OMG, there’s a fox! You better watch out, those things will tear you to pieces!”….and then zoomed off in his golf cart. Thank you sir, I appreciate the warning. I thought about screaming and jumping in his golf cart, but I felt kind of like an idiot.

The slow chasing continued for a few more minutes until I reached safety at the main golf entrance. While telling a golfer worker man about the incident, all I could picture in the back of my mind was the scene from Old Yeller. My cute dog being torn to pieces by the wild fox and then me having to shoot her with my bare hands. I mean come on, that would make you cry too, right?

I present exhibit B:

So, all in all, I lived to tell about the incident. No one died or was torn to shreds by the crazy fox, but I am still freaked out when I walk outside.



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