Not as in Sir Lancelot. Or the Gentlemen’s club.

No, this is the house where I lived in college, and it was amazing. There were 8 of us and we lived there for 2 years and they are still my favorite people.

We are missing 2 here.

These friends are the best. We learned how to be grown ups together. What needs to be kept clean and what doesn’t. The things that are important to say to each other and the things maybe we should not.

here is the house

The past few weeks I have gotten to spend time with 3 of these out of town roommates that have been here and their kids. The roommate that lives here still (Caroline)  has just had a baby and I have been able to be there with her and that sweet little girl. It is amazing how friendships like those change with circumstances, yet stay the same.

We snuck back to the house to take pictures

I miss college and mostly because I miss being in a house like Camelot.

Big teeth and bangs. Classic.

Big teeth and bangs. Classic.


8 thoughts on “Camelot!

  1. says:

    The bangs picture, really?? I love you, too.

  2. Teresa Thompson says:

    I love yo so much! This almost made me cry but did make me laugh! Bangs are so hot when curled.

  3. Liz Stamm says:

    I heard about our Blog shout out, but since I am such a dork “never have I ever” been on your blog. Just trying to keep up with laundry and stuff. Anyways this post DID make me cry. I guess I am more sensitive then T (just kidding). And I loved loved seeing you last week. Really it’s like no time has passed yet volumes have been shared. Love you! Thanks for the shout out. And Hooray for Books ROCKS!

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