Farlington Pizza

I have heard about Fairlington Pizza a lot. Some of my students go there weekly and I have heard of Alexandria natives that can’t get enough of it. It is a mile away from my house and I have never been there before. Until now. It was a bit like I traveled to Albany, New York for dinner. If you have never been there, you might not know what I mean; if you happen to be from there, you may be offended or pleased.

The decor:


Do you recognize those lights? I do, from Pizza Hut from my childhood. You will notice I took a picture of the fans. That was to remember that it was burning hot. There is an elderly lady who was working the cash register, which added to the authenticity, as well as pictures of the Parthenon.

The clientele: 

This woman was pretty amazing. You can’t really tell, but she is quite pregnant. What you definitely can’t see is that she had 3 small sons there with her. The oldest might have been 3. Maria and I are fairly sure that, despite their average appearance, these people are cult members.






This man amazed me. He had on saddle oxfords, and crisply steamed oxford shirt buttoned to his navel. Unfortunately, he was wearing an undershirt. This does beg the question, why he decided to button so few buttons.






This guy was awesome. Leather jacket,light jeans and a huge rat-tail ta-boot. This rat-tail you can’t really see, but it was voluptuous. If I had a long tail like this, I would most definitely be braiding and beading that bad boy.







The food:

Do you notice the off white plastic plates?

This was the Chicken Souvlaki plate. Maria got a chicken cheesesteak which I took a picture of but  didn’t save. The Souvlaki. It was good, really good. I was surprised when I saw it. I was expecting the yogurt sauce commonly found on such a plate. I was not expecting the shredded ice burg lettuce. Even though it was not what I was expecting, it was very good. When I have cash in my wallet (they only take cash), I will have a hard time passing it up.



2 thoughts on “Farlington Pizza

  1. Julie says:

    Hannah and Maria–I think your blog is misnamed. It should really be called “Never have I ever eaten so many burgers and so much pizza!” Glad you’re enjoying your adventures!

  2. […] to find Northern Virginia’s best pizza. As previously noted here, and here,and here, and possibly here, I like pizza. Here is a confession: pizza makes me kind of sick, but that doesn’t stop me. […]

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