Lazy Day

Never have I ever been embarrassed and amazed at the same time. I kind of can’t believe I’m writing this post, but I’m going for it. Sunday morning, I awoke at 10:00 am. I can’t remember the last time I slept that late. I got some coffee and immediately made my way to the sofa to watch the 9000th episode of Friday Night Lights (I’m on a Netflix FNL marathon kick). It was cold, and rainy, and nasty outside. All the more reason to stay in and be lazy.

Hannah and I were gchatting per usual, and I said how hungry I was, but that all I had in my fridge was sour cream and an onion. That does not a lunch make. So, at 11:30, I started perusing the web for some lunch options to be delivered directly to my door…preferably the sofa so I didn’t have to lift a foot, but that’s a bit of a stretch.

I’m currently on a buffalo sauce kick. I live for it. So, my first choice was a buffalo chicken pizza. Ledo’s, right down the road, has a delicious buffalo chicken pizza. I thought, hurray! Ordering! Then I quickly realized that they DO NOT deliver. Game over. I looked at 5 other pizza places. I had two small requirements- 1. A buffalo chicken pizza on the menu, 2. Delivery. Jackpot, I found it. Vocelli’s to the rescue.

I ordered and eagerly awaited the delivery. 30 minutes later, a knock on the door. An older man looked at me sadly as I opened the door in pajamas, by myself, and took the Diet Coke and small pizza for myself. I tried to make it seem like someone else was with me. I don’t think he bought it.

I didn’t get up from the sofa until 3:00 that day. It was fabulous.



3 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. Maria, I don’t think I know you. But that day sounds awesome. Way to go. A woman after my own heart.

  2. Tricia says:

    yeah but I wouldn’t have gotten up until the next day- you’re an overachiever.

  3. […] has been a competition to find Northern Virginia’s best pizza. As previously noted here, and here,and here, and possibly here, I like pizza. Here is a confession: pizza makes me kind of sick, but […]

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