Amazing Maisie

Maisie was born 5 years ago today. She is my niece, god-daughter and one of the best people to be around. She is hilarious and so sweet.

She loves art, and has since an early age(as documented above). A few weeks ago she told me this: “My body is always telling me to do art. I don’t always want to, sometimes I would rather be reading or doing something else, but my body is always telling me to do art.”

Another, slightly inappropriate one. When walking to the car from church she really needed to use the bathroom. Her mother, my sister, took her into Starbucks to use the bathroom. When she finally found the relief she needed, she sighed “Ahhh, gosh darnit.” (I have to admit, she did not use the edited language.)

Happy Birthday, Maisie!


2 thoughts on “Amazing Maisie

  1. Maizie says:

    Happy Birthday Maisie!!!
    xoxo Maizie

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