Double Target Day

Never have I ever been to Target, and then gone right back again. I decided to make a change in my apartment after getting home from school today. I decided to change the pictures behind my sofa. Basically, I have been scared to hang more than 2 pictures in one place. I started getting over that at the beginning of 2012, after all it is the year of the new, by hanging these:

calendar pages from the year of pain.

I got home today and said,it is time to change it up. I ordered a book of shell prints earlier this year and had been planning on putting them up sometime, but hadn’t. I also bought a print when I went to Eastern Market on January 1, 2012, that I had done nothing with yet. So, I went to Target in search of frames. I got 2 for the shells, hung those and some other things around it. I wanted to not have it symmetrical, but it didn’t look right. I didn’t get a frame for the print from Eastern Market, but decided that was going to be what I needed to balance this bad boy out. Back to Target. Double Target day.

Full view, centered on wall-but not above the sofa.

this has now been the feature in 2 posts.

Tonight I am going to an open mic night at busboys and poets, so get ready for Thursday. BTW, the 2 trips to Target wasn’t the only thing frustrating today. My walls are so hard. Dang.



One thought on “Double Target Day

  1. Caroline says:

    Looks awesome! You have such great taste, Hannah.

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