Apple Blossom Festival

This past weekend I went to the Apple Blossom Festival. It was fairly amazing.

Yes, that is right. Albert Clifford Slater was the Grand Marshall. Seeing as I have logged more time watching Saved By The Bell than any other show in my life,  this was a pretty big deal. My mom used to ask me if there were any other shows on TV. I could go on and on, but let’s leave it with this. “I'[was]so excited. I[was] so excited. I[was]so….scared” There was a guy with a shirt that read: Pump up the A.C. Amazing.

Apples-The Apple Blossom Festival involves zero apples, well, apples to eat. There are not even apple trees-they are to be found out of town. But there are apples: people dressed like apples, statues of apples, odes to apples and apple necklaces.

my favorite.

Princesses-It seems like all the ladies are princesses at Apple Blossom. There were floats after floats of girls wearing dresses that they must keep in a vault since 1980. There was one little princess who did stole her moves from Little Miss Sunshine.

The Parade. I have never seen a parade like this. It was 4 hours, and that might be an underestimation. There were huge gaps between things and they reuse floats with different people on them. Amazing idea, right? There were also some of the weirdest things in this parade. I hope you enjoy some of the things I captured:

When did this become something in a parade?


Sweet Frog.

See that guy?

Horses-There were plenty of horses too, which made my friend Hannah very happy.

This pretty pony was jewled.

The Fair-There was a fair involved in this festival as well. I saw a few really great things.

This event allowed for the best people watching ever. So many princesses, interesting ways to wear pink and green, a baby with a muffin haircut. It was a great way to spend a Saturday. Thanks to Jenny for inviting me!


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