According to Urban Dictionary: this is a day for girl friends to get together and unwind over a few glasses of wine. But according to Whole Foods, this isn’t reserved for the ladies.

Never have I ever been to Winesday, and technically this is still true. I just happened to go the grocery store at that time.

This is actually more of a story than just that. Last night I was headed to the grocery store. I walked out of my apartment with my twin neighbor. Both of us were carrying grocery bags, both driving Mazda Protege 3s, and actually both are teachers. He said something about our parallel lives, and at that point I decided I couldn’t end up at the same grocery store. Our small talk allotment had run out. Harris Teeter, my original destination was out. Trader Joe’s involved too much traffic. Whole Foods it was. This is always a mistake because it costs too much money.

When I walked in there was a hostess selling wine glasses. Let me tell you, people were lining up to get the glasses. I was tempted, but thought getting sloshed alone was probably in poor taste. As I walked in, I was glad I didn’t have a glass. Winesday involves waiting in long lines at different stations with food and wine. The Old Town Whole Foods isn’t that big, everything was kind of crowded. Instead of enjoying 5 glasses of wine (they may be mini-but still that seems like a lot), I walked out with some special tuna, watermelon, and a bill far more than was needed.



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