Splatter Run

Never have I ever been a participant in a Splatter Run 5K, or 5K at all for that matter. On Saturday, Young Life held their first annual Splatter Run at Lake Fairfax in Reston to raise money for high school kids to go to camp. Basically, the goal of the Splatter Run is to run 3 miles, get paint all over you, and have a great time. We were told to wear clothes you didn’t mind getting paint on and a white shirt. The start time was 9:30 am on Saturday, so I woke up bright and early, put on a white tshirt, and headed over to Lake Fairfax.

The vibe was so fun! There were so many people there ready to live it up. A few of my friends from my Fairfax Community small group, so I ended up run/walking with them (rogging, ralking, wunning- all useful terms). We were told the rules- basically run around in a circle 5 times while getting hit with all different kinds of paint on the way down the hill. Then, we began. The first portion of the run was uphill. We decided we would run it- why not, right?! Then we got to the top of the hill, about to die, and decided that was probably a bad idea. I was hit in the face with paint right away, even swallowed some of it! Yum! The run didn’t take very long and was so fun. We walked, we jogged, we talked, and got hit with paint. All in all, amazing. We were COVERED in paint by the end. Then, as a finale, all of the participants got in a huge group and threw paint up in the air at the same time. Let me tell you, awesome photo op.
Here are some pictures from the day:
Young Life raised $16,000 for camp at the event! SO AWESOME! There’s a Color Run in DC on my birthday (September 22). Who’s in? I know I am.

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