Kids these days

My favorite part about kids is the weird stuff that goes on. Here is a prime example: today after P.E. the students in my class got talking about marriage(their teacher is about to get married-PE teacher, that is). This was the conversation:

You do NOT want to marry your friend….well maybe you do.

You DEFINITELY do not want to marry your cousin because then your kids might have 1 eye or something.


I saw this video and you should watch it. It is long, but really worth your time.

I love it when kids are creative and engaged in life. You don’t see this kind of creativity every day, but I think it is there.


ps-an update on the hair. I don’t think it is the Rachel, but honestly it is a bit hard to tell. It is sure this is not my best haircut.



2 thoughts on “Kids these days

  1. Michelle says:

    I really liked that video! Thanks

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