Little Big Al

Not to be outdone by her big sister, today is Alice’s birthday.

Today she is 2. I have a special place for her in my heart because she is the 3rd, just like me. Only I don’t think we are the same kind of 3rd. I am pretty sure I was happy to relish in being the youngest for 3 and a half years;

whereas, little Big Al has a definite mind of her own. She doesn’t want her mom to help her on a scooter, I am pretty sure she’ll be riding a bike within the year. The girl is independent, unless we are talking about walking down the stairs. In that case, she is going to want you to pick her up.

Alice has spunk and a mind of her own.

She loves wearing cleats, shin guards and boots of any kinds. And of course, helmets.

Side story: on the morning she was born I was staying with Maisie and Will. Her parents left in the middle of the night and Alice was born early in the morning. When Maisie and Will woke up, they got in their parents bed with me and I told them that their sister had been born and that her name was Alice.  Maisie said, “hmmm, I’ll call her Al.”




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