Never have I ever gotten a parking ticket.

Now, I have gotten 2 in 1 week. This is not a joke. Both were infuriating.

The first one, almost 2 weeks ago, was in Washington. It was one of those new fancy meters, where you pay at the station or with your cell phone. I examined the ba-jeebus out of that station. I was going in for dinner, so I was thinking maybe I wasn’t going to need to pay. Sure enough hours of operation was over at 4. Sweet.  Easy parking place and free to boot. For future notice: Hours of operation is not the same thing as not needing to pay.

For the second, I missed the policeman by maybe 5 minutes. I was aware that I had overstayed my welcome, I was heading back. It was so close that the friend I was with, who arrived so soon after me that we walked in together, did not have a ticket. Her meter had a minute left.

I haven’t gotten a parking ticket in all these years because I read the signs and don’t take chances. Now, I am realizing that this has been a point of pride for me. No parking ticket Hannah. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket for a long time either-but now I feel each cop is gunning for me.

Lesson learned.



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