Good Decision.

I just got home from Nags Head, NC. Never have I ever gone to the Outerbanks for the weekend. In fact, I have always thought it was crazy to go that far for so short. Pre-2012 Hannah would have talked herself out of it; 2012 Hannah says, GO FOR IT.

I decided to go pretty late Thursday night. Nothing like an 11th hour decision (again, thank you 2012). With some fast readying for summer, I got some sunblock, found my bathing suits and packed up to head out early Saturday morning.

We decided to leave at 6 am to maximize the time on the beach. Good idea, we got there right in the middle of the day giving making it feel like we had a full day on the beach.

It was h-o-t and sandy. I realized also that a few full days on the beach is an intense welcome to the summer season. Zero base tan equals some very sunburned sections. The tops of my legs, the edge of my back, the backs of my arms. Classic early summer issues.

Another conclusion: spray sunblock is fairly terrible. It leaves many people blotchy, it is expensive,  and there is almost nothing in the can. It is pretty convenient though. I will probably buy it again.

I took zero pictures, but had a great time. My weekend felt a vacation. Thank you 2012.



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