Wedding Weekend

I can’t say I’ve never had a wedding weekend, BUT this wedding weekend was one of the most special I’ve ever been a part of. My sister Merrie married her best friend and all around awesome fiance Luke on Sunday! It was such an awesome weekend. Since it was Memorial Day on Monday, the wedding was on Sunday night, which made the weekend long and like a mini vacation. Needless to say, I’m going through family withdrawal this week.

The wedding was at the Kyle House in Fincastle, VA. It is a beautiful historic home with 3 floors, an awesome upstairs patio with a bar, and beautiful gardens. The ceremony was held in the barn right next to the Kyle House. They have it decorated with lanterns, burlap lining the walls, and string lights. It was beautifully rustic and elegant.

Here are some pictures of the weekend!

The family at the rehearsal dinner

The ballroom at the Kyle House

The gardens

The barn where the ceremony was held

The beautiful bride right before she walked down the aisle.

They’re married!

Freaking delicious cupcakes.

My siblings.



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