Change of Address.

I have moved before. In fact, quite a lot. It is actually my personal hell. I can’t stand it. This is the worst part: packing it up  and getting it all out, you think “Man, that was terrible!” but you are only half way done. DANG IT.

So, I am moving. To Fairfax, so not far. I am a little sick about it because I do love Alexandria. I love this apartment. My mom helped me pick it out and she was probably more excited than I was. So, I am sad. But, I am also excited. Continuing in the vein of Never Have I Ever, I am excited because I am going to be doing some things I didn’t really think I would ever do.

Here are the other new things about this experience: this is my first time living alone, making it all fall on my shoulders for the move out. Never Have I Ever. I am also moving out here July 1, but not moving into my new apartment until September. I am going to move all my stuff into a POD. Never  Have I Ever.

womp womp

I started today. I am determined not to make the end of June stink. We’ll see how that goes. I have a HUGE trash bag full of things and 2 boxes filled already. My goal is to spend some time on it every day. I also cleaned the refrigerator. Do you think stretching the move out like this will make it better or worse? I think probably worse.

P.S. I am not really sure how I am going to carry that trash bag out tomorrow. It is really heavy, I just ran into it and it didn’t budge.  Do you think the trash men will be happy? Get ready fellas, there is more where that came from.



One thought on “Change of Address.

  1. Hannah;
    I am so impressed by you every day…You are an amazing talent, with heart, humor and sacrifice for your job. I will never admit this in a Court Of Law, but you are someone who I would aspire to be one day. I am constantly enthralled by your dedication to your job, but with an amazing amount of humor that keeps all of us in check, and able to get on with this overly-demanding job! I will miss you so much, and your shoes will not be easily-filled my friend!!!!!
    Love You!!!

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