University Mall Musings.

I had a different post planned to write tonight,

but then I left University Mall and saw a man walking in with no shirt on. It was 10:30 pm with temps in the low 60s, this man was not showing off his muscles, and his shirt was tucked into the back of his shorts. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???

I meet with my friend Taylor at Josie’s every week and we see the WEIRDEST stuff going on at University Mall.

That is a current picture of this strip mall. It is a strange place. In the time of town centers, University Mall remains an out of date gathering place for many. Every time I am there I see something that makes me laugh pretty hard. I wish I had pictures of everything, but I don’t.

Tonight, we saw a girl in red tights with black compression socks and high heels, short shorts and an Incredibles sign safety pinned onto her shirt. She was with a guy wearing a top hat. I have seen no less than 3 people wearing top hats at University Mall and am not sure I have seen  anyone anywhere else with one on.

There was a man sitting playing the guitar outside of McDonald’s with a cup for money at 10:30. I can’t imagine he was getting a lot of action. Little did he know that just an hour before an entire elementary school chorus had been there celebrating their spring concert.

I have seen someone wearing an Alice in Wonderland costume and was hoping she just came from being in a play, but was informed that wasn’t the case.

Where are these people in my everyday life. I need more of them. It lightens the load, you know what I mean? How, I wonder, do they know that University Mall is the place to converge? The place where top hats are not only accepted, but encouraged? I think there needs to be a deeper study into this strip mall.



One thought on “University Mall Musings.

  1. Jennifer Landis says:

    My question is, what in the hell are you doing hanging out at a mall at 10:30 on a school night? Reliving your youth? Trying to beat the ‘best score’ at Frogger in the Video Arcade? Meeting someone to exchange money for a PolySci term paper? Sleeping out for “Star Wars” tickets?

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