Never have I ever been so obsessed with a show. I am totally one of those people that can watch 10 episodes of a show in one sitting. I have Netflix Instant which makes it extremely easy to enjoy said 10 episodes from the comfort of my own home.

I just recently finished every episode of Friday Night Lights (helloooo Tim Riggins!) and I needed a new show to watch. In comes LOST, with every episode on Netflix available for me to watch. Perfect.

I’m a few years behind on the LOST trend, but boy am I glad I’m catching on. Man is it addictive. You think you’ve figured it out and BAM, there’s a new twist. My favorite characters are Sun and Charlie. Too bad Charlie just sacrificed himself in a submarine flood. Now that’s true friendship.





2 thoughts on “LOST

  1. karisse says:

    Oh Charile. Sigh.

  2. karisse says:

    PS—Soon the blog title will be: “Never Have I Ever Loved Aliens in HIghschool So Much.” (aka: I am addicted to Roswell.)

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