Pool It Up

Never have I ever ordered a Reston Association pool pass OR gone to a pool in Reston. When most people hear that, they immediately think I’m an idiot. Let me explain. I HAVE been in Reston for four years and have never realized that it only costs $20 to go to any of the Reston area pools. I guess I just always thought there was a catch? Or that I wasn’t eligable? Who really knows.

The amazing news is there is NOT a catch. I picked up my Reston pool pass last week and made my way to the pool closed to me on Saturday afternoon. First though, I thoroughly coated myself in sunscreen. No baking in the sun until fried a la my high school years.

Sunscreen mania

I got to the pool and realized that I was basically the only person there. There were two older women who seemed to be extreme tanners. They looked like they had been laying there for hours, and it was only 1 pm. One thing that I noticed quickly about the pool is that its a great place to people watch. I was trying to read my book, but was unable to concentrate because of everything going on. My favorite was a 20 something brother and sister that were clearly from somewhere near the Bronx (because of their accent). The sister had a young daughter and was pregnant. Their mom gave them a call to simply see where they were and they went off. “MOM IS SUCH AN IDIOT! MOM IS SO LAZY! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH MOM??” all in the Bronx accent. I was not completely understanding the issue, but all I know is it was very disturbing, and they seemed really pissed.

Empty pool

I laid at the pool for 3 hours. It was glorious. I WILL be going back.



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