Tubular Tuesday. (as told on thursday)

I bought a new computer on Tuesday, which led me on a wild adventure. It was time, my computer is really past it’s prime. The sad truth about laptops is they don’t last that long…but are super expensive. Annoying.

After leaving the Mac store in Pentagon city, I headed out looking for a place to get something for dinner. I ended up in Crystal City. I have been there millions of times, I mean every time I fly I head right down rt. 1 towards the airport. Honestly, I thought that was all there was to it.

I was wrong. I made a wrong turn and ended up on the street parallel to rt. 1, and honestly, it might as well have been a parallel universe.

The first thing that caught my eye was a Farmer’s market. I decided I needed to park and get in there. The Never Have I Ever mood had struck, it was time for an adventure. Parking was a bit of a fiasco, but I ended up in a garage, one that I would have bet I needed to pay to park in, but never found that possibility. Win. And I parked next to this:

Win again.

Finally I made it into the Farmer’s Market. Again, alternate universe. Not a trash can in sight, only recycling and compost bins. I think I ended up in Boulder. There was an Amish gal selling cheeses (I wanted to take a picture, but felt a bit rude). I bought some delicious cherries.

Side note: I refused a bag as I almost alway do. It was dumb, I needed one, there was more adventure to be had and now I was walking around with open produce. Open produce with many parts that can easily spill.

There were lots of places to eat. I went with Good Stuff Eatery. I have been there before. Obviously not here, but the one in Washington. They had a wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon, which was going to be hard to turn down.

It wasn’t a wedge at all, not sure why they called it that, but it was good. I couldn’t turn down the fries either.

But, Spike, where do you find your mini potatoes?

Quite a day, people!



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