Stinking cable

Remember last week when I got a shiny new computer? I was so excited, was thinking about all the things I could be doing on that thing. And I really enjoyed it, for a day.

Then, my internet broke. Not the computer, it is fine. I called Comcast and waited for a long time for them to tell me the router was broken. My advisor on the phone told me that I could make an appointment or go in to a customer service center to exchange it.

I am moving in 2 weeks, no time for waiting around for the Comcast man and the service center is an interesting look into the world.  I would hate that job because people are always mad when they come in. Or at least I have been.

I get up to the counter with plexi-glass from the counter to the ceiling (what are they scared of? I know). I get up to the counter only to be told that if I want to rent a router it will cost 39.00 dollars a month. Or I can buy one. WHAT? 2 more weeks!? Comcast is constantly trying to think of ways to get more money for doing just the same thing. It is SILLY.

Did I have another option, I inquired? Of course. I can have a modem instead.

I haven’t had wires involved in my computing for at least 7 years. At least. And my shiny new computer doesn’t allow for such antiquated cords to plug in. So, back to the oldie. It is crazy how accustomed to things and how you can’t imagine things differently. It is pretty sick, actually. So for now, no downloading books on my Kindle, no new computer, no using my computer in multiple locations. Oh well, I can deal.

Side story: walking in my neighborhood this weekend I overheard a man driving a Comcast truck. The man was in a heated conversation: “Go ahead and fire my f-ing a#*. See if I care!” So it isn’t just the customers that are angered by the policies.



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